Terms of Sale Agreement

Submitting an offer

Offers are to be delivered via email or phone (602-820-8164). The email should contain property address, purchase price, closing date and title vesting information. After we confirm your email offer is accepted, we will execute a purchase contract. We transfer title via Quit Claim deed or Special Warranty deed.

Securing the property

Earnest Money secures the property. We reserve the right to resell the property until earnest money is deposited in our account. This is on a first come, first serve basis. No exceptions.

Cash Purchase

If you are purchasing the property with Cash, we do not require an escrow or policy of title insurance. If you decide to purchase the property through title and escrow, then buyer pays all costs.

Loan Purchase

If you are purchasing the property with a loan, then a prequalification is required. All title and escrow fees are buyers costs.

Opinion of Value

We list our property with an opinion of value for each property. It is not a guarantee or warranty of value. Market conditions change and we are unable to predict values. It is important you value the property yourself or use a real estate professional.