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Justin Schnettler

Founders Justin Schnettler and Brandon Hunt met while driving properties in Chandler, Arizona during the largest real estate market crash since the great depression. During that time it was common to have over 1000 properties per day go to trustee sale auction. They used to…

Brandon Hunt

Brandon Hunt has extensive knowledge of the Phoenix Arizona Real Estate market. His success has lead to feature articles in major media outlets such as Business Week, Realtor Magazine’s 30 Under 30, CBC, RealtyTrac, and others. With a background in business from Indiana University, Brandon…

Alan Kittelman

Alan Kittelman has collaborated with Justin and Brandon, to expand markets and launch a multi-state start-up of brokerages in Arizona, Washington, Wisconsin, and Colorado. The team’s combined talents and areas of expertise include organizational leadership, real estate development, software development and workflow management systems. These…

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